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Fabulous gems and jewels manufactured and designed from the 1980’s onward.
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2409 Items

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Modern (1980's - Now) at The Jewellers

With advancements in technology and people wanting more adventurous and daring designs, modern jewellery began to see metals mixed, unusual and never heard of gemstones were introduced to the market, shopping channels became an accessible way of buying less expensive and mass produced jewellery and high street brands merged to form formidable opponents to family jewellers. Modern jewellery has certainly seen some spectacular craftsmanship. In 2009 ‘The Hope Diamond’ was remounted in a magnificent diamond set ‘ribbon’ necklace, called “Embracing Hope” hand-made by the Harry Winston firm, and chosen by the American people. The year 2012 saw the iconic ‘Tiffany Yellow Diamond’ remounted in to a modern platinum and diamond set necklace, which the executive vice president of Tiffany’s called a “commitment to the future of design and innovation”. Having these infamous and magnificent gems brought back to the forefront of jewellery culture, the imagination of many jewellers has been reignited and brought fire and excitement back in to the design of modern jewellery.

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