Georgian Jewellery (1714 - 1837)

A developmental and creative period, Georgian Jewellery enjoys the introduction of many of the staple jewellery characteristics we see today.

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Spanning the reigns of four “King Georges” and extended to allow for one “King William”, jewellery enjoyed a naturalistic feel, with many flora and fauna motifs and elaborate scrollwork. Precious metals and gemstones were highly prized as they were rare and expensive, due to the many years of European wars. Jewels that could be used to maximise effect but minimise the cost included amethyst, chrysoberyl, topaz and aquamarine. Foil backing was the favoured setting style and was used to enhance the colours of the gems. Coloured golds were a popular characteristic, often seeing yellow gold mixed with rose gold (added copper) and green gold (added silver). Textured, satin and polished finishes added extra depth and character to the pieces. This era of jewellery saw many developments and changes in styles, examples of these were: cameos; ribbons; enamelling – with royal blue and leaf green the most popular colours and the fabulous aigrettes.

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